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b’s birthday – part 1: pork chops with balsamic-maple glaze

holy birthdays! It seems all my cooking/baking these days has been for birthdays and this post – as well as tomorrow’s – are no exception. My friend B has been having a rough couple of weeks (that could be an understatement, with multiple hospital stays under her belt), but she was turning 22! and I wanted to do something special, so instead of just going out to dinner, I decided I’d cook her up something new, from scratch. Matt’s been proud of his risotto cakes since he learned how to make them a few weeks ago (and they are so delicious! – I may have him do a guest post soon just for them!) I wanted to let him make them for part of dinner – if not only to keep him busy enough in the kitchen to let me do my thing!

I’ve been struggling to come up with much to pair with risotto cakes. While they soak up sauces nicely, I’m hesitant to cook anything whose sauce doesn’t normally pair well with cheese/rice. B’s only stipulation was no seafood, so I started searching the interwebs for some sort of white meat (I still associate steak with potatoes and can’t convince myself to pair it with rice, ever). Matt and I had cooked pork saltimbocca with risotto cakes a few weeks back, but always wanting to try something new, I tried to find a different dish and found success at Elly Says Opa: Pork Chops with Balsamic-Maple Glaze. The only difference I made to the recipe was to add extra maple syrup, just to make sure it was a sweeter sauce to balance with the saltier risotto cakes.¬†We also made some green beans, but nothing too snazzy. Pictures and recipe after the jump.

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