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chicken cannelloni

I was going to start this off with “a few years ago,” but I did the math – and it was FIVE years ago. Anywho. Five years ago, my dad and I went to Florida over my high school winter break. While there, besides tasting “Alligator Bites,” we stumbled upon a restaurant called Romano’s Macaroni Grille, a restaurant I think we may have heard of from one of my dad’s coworkers, but I can’t remember details back that far. I ended up ordering the chicken cannelloni and was blown. away. “Hand-rolled pasta filled with roasted chicken, fresh spinach and melted cheese, then baked in an Asiago cream sauce. Topped with imported tomato sauce.” .. how can you not devour it?! We asked about any locations they had up north and there’s 2 in Massachusetts, but they’re each about an hour from here — so there was only one real thing to do recently when I started craving just that – find a copycat recipe and make it myself.

Matt and I loved it, though next time I’m not sure I would mix the two sauces together because as I remember the dish in the restaurant, it was an asiago sauce with a small topping of tomato sauce on top of the actual pasta, as opposed to a complete mix of the sauces. Regardless, the dish was gone a day or two later (it makes  a lot!) and I’d definitely make it again. It’s relatively easy, it’s just really about timing the cooking of the chicken with the cooking of the lasagna noodles – so the chicken has a little time to cool and the lasagna noodles don’t sit too long and stick together. Pictures & recipe…. Continue reading



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