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brownie-bottomed peanut butter chocolate chip cheesecake

aka BBPBCCC or B2PBC3 or just straight up delicious. I originally found this recipe at Group Recipes, a food social networking site. I stumbled on it (actual, Group Recipes terminology) and knew I HAD to make it. Someday soon after that (sometime back in January), I dragged my poor boyfriend to the grocery store and then made him do all the heavy mixing of cream cheese and peanut butter when we got home. In typical, spontaneous-baking fashion, I had no intention to eat the entire cheesecake myself (and Matt doesn’t even like cheesecake) so I needed to bring it elsewhere .. so I could have a slice and not be tempted by the rest. I attempted to bring it to work on MLK Day, only to find the office closed, so it sat in my fridge a few days more and then I brought it to staff meeting that week and everyone there devoured it. Noga, my RD, made me promise to make it for her again for her birthday, which happened to be this past Friday (just like Sarah!)

Being home on spring break, I took advantage of my mom’s heavenly Kitchen Aid stand mixer and baked up my 2nd-ever brownie-bottomed peanut butter chocolate chip cheesecake. I’ve only got some beginning pictures and an end picture, with the cake still in the springform pan, seeing as transporting it any other way would’ve likely done some damage. If Noga saves me a slice, I’ll update this with a piece of the “cheesecake heaven” as she called it.

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