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cinnamon french toast bake

I am trying with all my might to keep up with this blog, but lo is it hard. A lot of my cooking has been sort of spur-of-the-moment and I never happen to have my camera around so it goes undocumented.. or else I think up some sort of meal and realize it’s probably not good enough for this thing, so while I cook often, not all of it makes the cut. Anywho! I felt the pressure last week and after a group project, quiz and exam, I felt the need to go home for the weekend and cook SOMETHING.

I decided to focus on breakfast for a change and because in my house, whatever you make for breakfast will disappear – good or bad. I ended up Googling my way around, stumbling off egg recipes and for some sort of “bake.” Ultimately, I found this Cinnamon French Toast Bake from Pillsbury which seemed to fit the bill as my whole family loves french toast and warm things and the occasional nuts-on-top. The recipe itself was about as easy as it gets and with minimal ingredients – just eggs (lots of them! …okay, 6), vanilla, cream, cinnamon and maybe some flour? and of course, Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. On top, I only ended up using one cansiter of the icing because I figured the less dripping sugar on top, the healthier. Somewhat, anyway. I’d definitely make it again, but probably bake it for another few minutes and maybe leave off the pecans (personal preference). Judging by what was left an hour after it came out of the oven though, I’d say it was a success.


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