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b’s birthday – part 2: checkerboard cake

I didn’t mean to wait this long in between posts about the same meal, but the rest of life sort of got in the way. SO! here’s part two. Like I said in my last post, B had had a pretty rough week before her birthday, so I was trying to make it extra special. I had also had a recipe for a checkerboard cake – from scratch – for a while and figured now (or then) was as good a time as ever.. so, I decided to sweat it out and cook it up!

After telling my sister about it, she showed me the pans they now MAKE specifically for a checkerboard cake! but at the time, I knew nothing of it, so while it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as perhaps that pan would’ve made, I tried pretty hard. I also asked B what her favorite candy/color was for decorating purposes, but “peanut m&ms” and “green” weren’t exactly what I expected in return.

So, while there’s now perfect-sized pans and box mixes that would’ve made this recipe way easier, there’s something to be said about the satisfaction that comes from imperfect checkerboard patterns and from-scratch cakes. Recipe and pictures after the jump.

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