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back from hiatus

it has been faaaar too long! the end of the semester came and went and with it, the craziness of finishing the semester early, packing up my room, unpacking to repack and leaving for AUSTRALiA! for two weeks with my grad class. i got back, slept off the jet lag and booked it back out to Amherst for my summer job working in the Housing Assignments Office at UMass – a full-time gig that pays for the groceries, but tires me out too! I’ve been cooking in the meantime (of course) and can proudly say that for the month of June, I think M&I had something different every night – and that 85% of those meals were made from scratch. Watch out Food Network! Hah. Here’s a glimpse at what I’ve been up to… and a promise that more is to come! Unfortunately, the following pictures were all taken via camera-phone, but I am happy to report I spoiled myself with my second paycheck to buy a new digital camera! (My old one was a gift and thus, not totally my choice.. and besides, the battery charger is somewhere buried in my packed goods from my room at school.. and it was honestly easier (and kept me much happier) to do some Consumer Reports research and find a point &shoot I could enjoy! Anyway, here’s the glimpse to get your tastebuds going.. I’ll have a real post up this weekend hopefully! (It’s July 4th weekend and guests (family!) are coming to visit – it’d be a sin NOT to cook! 😉

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