tortellini con piselli

finally, a cooking post! two weekends ago, for Sarah’s birthday, we went out to Vinny T’s for lunch. I usually don’t get that excited for Vinny T’s, even though my whole family loves it because I struggle to find something on the menu that doesn’t come with chunky tomato sauce or is too heavy and makes me contemplate truly rolling. out. of. the. restaurant. but on this particular saturday, i found it – THE dish. tortellini con piselli. it was so good that i decided i’d just have to recreate it myself. so, i did. the hardest part was definitely finding a good recipe for a light cream sauce – i didn’t want it to be too watery, but also not too creamy.

the ingredients themselves were pretty simple – a package of tortellini, half a bag of frozen peas, some prosciutto (the amount is really up to you, same with the peas, i suppose), half a bag of shredded italian cheese, a pint of heavy cream and a stick of butter (both for the sauce). I cooked the peas in the microwave and tried timing the tortellini cooking with the sauce, but was unsuccessful. The pasta ended up done much earlier than the sauce and I gave up on the sauce thickening when I started worrying the pasta would get cold and sticky, but it ended up working out well. I combined the pasta, peas, prosciutto and about half the cheese in the pot, and then covered it in the sauce. Because it was more watery than I intended, I ended up draining some of the sauce right out, which may seem wasteful, I suppose, but it allowed the sauce to drip into the creases of the tortellini without making the whole dish too watery. Next time, I’ll probably try to time the sauce better and get it more creamy than I had the patience for. After some slight drainage, I sprinkled more cheese on top and covered it for a few minutes to let the cheese melt. 5 minutes later, Matt, two friends and myself were seated silently, shoveling it in. Pictures and recipe (again) after the jump!

Homemade tortellini con piselli !

Tortellini Con Piselli

Recipe, which I made up on the fly to recreate it:

20 oz {family size} three-cheese tortellini

1/2 frozen bag of peas

2 c shredded italian cheeses

1 sm pkg prosciutto

1 pint heavy cream

1 stick butter

Cook tortellini as directed. While pasta is cooking, melt the stick of butter in a heavy skillet. When the butter bubbles, add cream. Turn to med-low/low, stir to desired consistency. Drain pasta, add 1c shredded cheese, peas, prosciutto. Stir. Pour cheese over pasta mixture. Add 1c shredded cheese and cover for 3-5minutes or until the cheese melts. Enjoy!


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  1. Rachel

    It looks a-mazing!

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