a fitting beginning: a birthday.

The saddest part about this blog is that it took me so long to start it — who knew naming a food blog could be so difficult?! I’ve had other blogs in the past – though not dedicated to my cooking or baking adventures – and they’ve all failed at some point or another when I decide nothing is exciting enough in my life to post to the interwebs. BUT – I have faith in this here blog because this last year or so has been a whirlwind in the kitchen.

Rewind a few years and I was probably only in the kitchen waiting for the water to boil for macaroni and cheese or licking the bowl after my mom poured brownies and cakes into the pan. “Following in my sister’s footsteps” or “copying my sister” – something I’ve been doing for 20 years and has probably gotten on her nerves 20,000 times – I started baking and I remember thinking – all I’ll ever do is bake! Think of all the cakes and cupcakes and brownies and desserts to be made! Everyone loves dessert and chicken is just so .. bland in comparison.

And then sometime this year (probably around the time I decided I didn’t need want a meal plan) I realized the more practical thing to do is cook (this is a very easy realization when you don’t have a meal plan and are tired of eating out, but get hungry). Since then, I’ve done a lot of cooking and (still) a lot of baking and I’ve gotten good enough at it that when I mentioned to people that I was thinking of starting this blog.. they actually thought it was a good idea. So, here goes nothing.

Because the naming of this blog took me uhm, a few days longer than expected, I’m already backlogged on things I’ve been cooking up. It seems fitting to start this thing off with a birthday – and cupcakes at that. I’ve never made cupcakes from scratch (though I’m sure there’s a recipe out there I’ll try someday). Until then, it’s the box mix, but don’t let that shortcut fool you – when the cupcakes need decorating, I’m your girl (also worth consulting: the sister that I’ve been copying for 20 years). In honor of my other sister’s 26th birthday (there’s only three of us – let the confusion stop there) I baked up some funfetti cupcakes and invited Rach over to help festively decorate.

' Not Playin With A Full Deck '

Sarah's 26th Birthday Cupcakes - "Not Playin With a Full Deck"



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2 responses to “a fitting beginning: a birthday.

  1. Daddy

    There’s nothing better to read after having just awakened than a blog about food. Congratulations, Leah, on your new blog. I look forward to reading all about your culinary adventures.

  2. Sister #2

    Yaaa! I am so proud of you doll! And excited for the blog! Perhaps it will inspire me to update my own more frequently!

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